Hi! I'm naomi and I'm a photographer + designer based in New zealand


But in the meantime, I enjoy Saturday brunch, morning walks with Squish, movie date nights, photoshoots that give me goosebumps, and epic food. And let's throw in coffee for good measure, because coffee and I have become fast friends this past year!

I'm not sure you can take me out for a movie date night, but if you want to take me out to coffee and create epic work together, get in touch! 



I live in Hamilton, New Zealand with my hubby and my wee bebe girl Minna May, otherwise known as Squish. We have two gorgeous dogs, and a cat that now enjoys living with our neighbours because of the aforementioned dogs ha. I just love this little country and the people in it and I reckon we have something pretty special here!

We're about to start on a huge adventure in Europe, which you can read about here