Portrait of a Girl


“…Friendship takes what is common in human experience and turns it into something holy.”

— Eugene Peterson

One thing has become clear on these little adventures into studio photography, we have good people in this little town of mine.

Elise is one of those people you think you know before you meet. When you meet her, you see a confident, edgy and beautiful girl and you immediately know how to categorise her.

Except you’re usually wrong.

When it comes to Elise, don’t presume too much, you could miss out on something beautiful.

I loved our whole shoot together, our easy chatting, our impromptu Starbucks sip, and our sassy and thought provoking shoot. She has a beauty that is clear to see, but also a depth that I would love to get to know.

Thank you Elise for trusting me with your time and your look. Maybe friendship is a word used too soon in this context, but I hope one day we can be friends.

Naomi JohnstonComment