The Journey Update - March 2018


Wow I just looked back at the last blog entry about our journey and realised a lot has changed in the past few months. And because it's 4am and my brain won't shut down, here I am attached to my keyboard trying to calm down. I'm not going to chat too long, as research implies screen time is counter intuitive to sleep. So here goes.

The short of it now:

1. We are moving to Budapest, Hungary mid-late 2019 (pending acceptance) Whaaaaaat!
2. We are going on a short 4 week trip there this July to 'feel our way out'
3. We are applying to be voluntary missionaries through an organisation called OMS.
4. I will be working with Hope61, which is an anti human-trafficking arm of OMS and helping launch them in Hungary.

Obviously this is all pending acceptance, but we're super stoked to finally have something concrete to look forward to!

It's a long and messy story about how we got here over the past 6 months. Feel free to take me out to coffee if you want the lowdown, or cross your fingers and hope for a quick vid, as I talk faster than I type ha! 

Let me take a special moment here to thank all the kind friends and acquaintances that have been quietly donating to this in the background. When we were given the costs of this upcoming short trip, there was minimal to no stress because we have a generous group of people around us. So thank you. Words can't express. 

Minna May is going to be travelling with us in July so feel free to offer up multiple prayers to the heavens that she doesn't turn into demon child on our mind-numbing 30 hour journey.

Last note: I'm still doing lifestyle shoots for donation towards this trip so if you're intererested, click here.

Happy Friday y'all!