Whole Heart Store

It's been a while since i dabbled in the commercial photography scene, but walking past this little store every tuesday certainly did pique my interest. the white walls, the colourful produce, the funky window displays. and i'm not one to go on a rant about food (all my close friends, feel free to insert a sarcastic chuckle here) but there's something fairly delightful about a local grocer stocking 'nutrient-dense' food. yes, that's right, food that still contains it's nutrients. and no, unfortunately that is not a joke. these days food can be food and not be full of nutrients. so i'm wholeheartedly supporting this wee store and all of the tasty treats inside (see what i did there?). good job wholeheart team! i'm such a fan! oh and did i mention all the produce is local? get running, kids!